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Reflecting on who I am...what is important to me...and the gifts I offer the world, I have reorganized this PhotoSchmoozer blog into separate pages for your viewing. I am about so much...people - relationships - drums and rhythms and especially photography...and I realize that although separate, they are all so INTEGRATED into the Whole of who I am!! It's a very peaceful thought and I am thankful for the intuitive gift to see the connections and the relationships. Enjoy the journey through the blog...and WELCOME.
Contemplative photography is about being totally present and seeing exactly what is before you, without filters or judgment. It is about seeing with your heart.Doesn't everyone see what is before them? Not really. You may see a candle on a table. Do you also see the shadows it creates? Or the reflections that the light casts on it? Or it's underlying shape and form?

DRUMS, Rhythms and Relationships

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Glory of a Year Well Spent - Counting Down

Glorious - I know I have shared these sunsets from my window many times over this year, but I am always awed by the magnificence of the colors that just come as I sit and watch.  This one has made me reflect on the year gone by - sure there were ups and downs, but more gratitude and blessings than anything else - and those are truly what I choose to remember!  We have wonderful 'children' - that multiplied this year as we now have our son and his wife too - we have our health, home, friends and family.  I have rediscovered Photoschmoozer and my joy of people and their stories through my photography.  I could go on...but instead, I choose to sit in the peaceful thoughts of a year well spent!!  Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wishing to meet Seward!! Just Happened!!

Have you ever visited the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Twp, NJ near Trenton?  Well let me suggest to you that it is an everchanging and incredible experience.  Knowing that the weather was to be a balmy winter's day - 60 degrees on December 22 with sunshine to accompany the day, Bill and I set off earlyish (for us anyhow) to explore.  Photoschmoozer was alive and well and in the mode of just being open to spontaneous experiences - and that she received.  First, conversations with Kathy in the gift shop - another whole story!  Then I said to her, "Does Seward Johnson come here often?"  She said there are some organized visits, but he just comes and hangs out quite a bit.  I said I hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to meet the man whose vision, energy and works created this place.  Off we went.
This is a sculpture of Seward Johnson - isolated him as he sits among friends at an afernoon party on the Grounds.  You have to explore and find it!

Then as we wandered and looked, I saw a man strolling with friends.  I looked and ?!?!?!?!?  Yes...Now remember how I talk about Photoschmoozer and just opening conversations??  I walked over and said, "I wonder what your name might be?"  He responded, "I have many names but today I am Seward!!"  I shared my wish - and my wish come true - and then as we chatted, I asked if I could take his picture - no problem in posing - and since we were right by one of his sculptures - fairly easy to do on the Grounds - I asked him to sit with his 'friend'.  WOW - I was like such a 'groupie' that the only thing I forgot was to ask Bill to take my picture with him!!  Have to get him in the habit of doing that spontaneously rather than watching!!                    Within seconds, I could hear Seward's sense of humor and totally appreicate his panache - how many guys - except a person who is so totally creative, daring and true to himself would walk about with a purple and blue pashma scarf??  Totally fitting!!  So - NEVER be afraid to talk to anyone - life is too short!!  Thanks Seward for a most exciting few minutes!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Birds Birds Birds Everywhere!!!

Looked out the window the other morning and the beautiful blue sky was totally FULL of blackbirds!  What a sight.  This has been going on for a few days and I decided that the moment must be recorded though I am sure that I am not the first.  Information has been coming to me that these are a variety of black birds, red winged blackbirds and others in migration.  They stay together for the winter and then go their separate ways in the Spring.  We have seen fields just covered with them as well.  Goes along with my theme of UNITY - stick together when you need support.  There is strength in numbers and knowing that someone else has your back!! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Value, Affirmation and Friendships!!

Never take a friend for granted.  We aren't gifted with many real ones in life and when they come along, we have to step back and just be still with the realization of what happens in the relationship and be at peace with it!!  This is Allison and me when I still thought that short hair was who I "needed" to be to be 'proper'. Then I would have been acceptable that my hair was 'age appropriate' - really!!  Allison and I met years ago and then remet and got to know one another - we trained together, laughed and talked and planned and lived with DARE to AFFIRM - shared common interests - and now share a friendship that comes of knowledge and familiarity with LIFE and memories as our commonality.  Just to acknowledge APPRECIATION for this.  Why this and why now?  Maybe it is a comparison that led to this appreciation - the other night, I needed to hear a friend's voice for comfort - for reassurance - and I called another.  She didn't answer and didn't call back.  The next day, I got a 'coach/cheerleader' email that told me that she was there in the virtual world and IF we had talked, this is what she would have said.  Thanked her for the words BUT said what I really wanted/needed was the minutes of friend time and a voice.  I asked her to share how she defines friend/friendship?!?  I suppose I could ask that of many others - a survey - but I know in my heart how I think of it - and yes, I have been told that I have unrealistic expectations - but geeeeeeeez I am human!!  Technology can easily get in the way of real time caring or at least voice contact on the phone!  Maybe I am getting older - but I totally appreciate and value the contact of my friends and family!!  Happy Holidays!!!

It Don't Bother Me None!!

Meet some of the important women in my family - standing at the back - Gram - Kate - definitely a person who offered me unconditional love - someone I treasured in my life always - someone I could go to when I thought life wasn't "fair" - she's been gone from my life on earth since 1966 but never a minute away from my heart!  She always pretended to be a strong woman - and in many ways she was - but when someone hurt her in some ways, she always said, "It don't bother me none" as the tears were streaming down her cheeks.   Lately there have been strange happenings (to me at least) in relationships - and as I have been told it is not my problem but something the other person has to work through, I can say, "Sure it don't bother me none" but my issue is that I want everyone to like me - and me them - and when a person backs away - and really can't talk about it - well....
The other two women - front right is Gram's mother - Bubba we called her - Mary to others - didn't know her well but sure she too had an influence in thoughts and feelings in my heart.  The other person - front left is my mother's mother - Nanny - my memories of her - wew visited often and I even lived with them for a summer in college - is a kind person who did not share feelings/affection.  Two very different grandmothers each affecting my life - one affecting my father and his sense of caring - and one affecting my mother and her emotional withdrawal.  So it is genes or is it environment?  For years, I have straddled that fence and as I ponder it all - I am still there - it has to be a combination!!  Wonder how I am perceived??  To some, I am too emotional - to others - they want to be with my energy - to others - I am too intense - so in the perception and eyes of the other - the challenge is NOT TO JUDGE SELF THROUGH THE EYES OF OTHERS.  Accept and believe in our own wholeness and beauty!!  That's life!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


COMING BY SPRING!!!  So many things are popping!  Remember I have shared here before about SHOES and my fascination with people's choices??  Well have I shared with you that I have close to 1200 pictures of feet and shoes?  Have I shared my thoughts about Unity and Diversity related to shoes??  Have I shared about my friend Tony and The Journey  ( )  Maybe I have - maybe you have forgotten.  But I talked with Tony about shoes - and my photos - and his love of music and composing came front and center.  He is about finished with a song about SHOES - will combine my photography, his musical skills and the voices of some really fantastic musical artists!!  In addition, since I am Photoschmoozer and Art cards/prints are my 'thing' - there will be a line of Art cards - maybe they will be called Uniquely You - Express Yourself - or another name - watch for the launch in early Spring!!  Always keep your eyes and ears open for the synchronicities of life and talk to folks because who knows what will come of it all~~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hope Keeps One Alive and Thriving!!

It's been 40 years since the day we were married and now we find ourselves in Chicago - yep that's Bill standing by Robert Indiana's Hope statue - Why are we traveling to the windy city in the beginning of December??  A very special reason -our son Jon was to be married 12/3/11 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.  Our hope for him and his bride - as we built our extended family from US and Japan - is that they will have all of the love, caring, compassion and communication - those strong gifts that will guide their marriage to thrive!!  I am proud to be the "American Mummy" and also know that I will be patient and respectful as we build our relationship.  We have a lifetime - and that is totally special.
Remember - Love and Hope go together
to build a life!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Totally Positive...Totally Affirming!!

Let me tell you who this is - her name is Jeannie and she is so totally special - warmth, compassion, affirming, and an excellent yoga instructor besides!  Late in the Spring, a friend recommended that I go to the Senior Center for Yoga.  I decided to go and meet the instructor.  Found out that I couldn't make her class in the morning (was going to Meditation) but started going to her class at Kennedy Hospital in the afternoon.  It was a huge class - more than 25 older women - Photoschmoozer included!!  Yet one thing I noticed is the personal comments and touches that Jeannie always had to offer the class.  Now I have chosen Yoga rather than meditation on Monday morning and we have develop a nice group - maybe half a dozen of us.  Jeannie even went to Kripala this summer to study Yoga for seniors with some researchers from Duke University.  Aren't we the lucky ones??  A few weeks ago, she and I listened to The Journey ( , code MM99) and she was totally captivated.  Today she used part of it in class.  The part that is so very special to me though is about Photoschmoozer - Jeannie came to my Birthday celebration last week and spent a looooooooong time studying all of the pictures - and there are plenty.  Today she went on and on talking about my gift and my eye - I said it before and I will close with the same thought again - I am wealthy with the affirmations and compliments about my work.  Thank you world!!!

66 and Celebrating! Photoschmoozer steps out!!!

 LIFE is a celebration and each year as my birthday come about, I know that I have so much to be thankful for...and so many 'riches' in my life from my family, friends and what I love doing in life!!  This year, I decided to have a show at the McCowan Library in Pitman - a celebration of me and my art - and to have a grand opening!!  It was a special time!!  I always have a special thanks to 'my guy' for all of his love and support - Bill is always there for me - hey 40 years and counting!!  And the flowers from Jon made us feel like he was in the room with us!!
 This year TonyZony came into my life with The Journey (, code MM99)  I listen to this very special CD - meditation and body relaxation- but so much more - a way to be still (my favorite Photoschmoozer theme) and discover so much about self!! It's so much about life and inner awareness.   Conni~Joi, Spirit of Joi - is also traveling on her life's journey and will soon be launching a song called The River - written by Tony and performed by her.  They came to celebrate with JOI!!  She is so talented in so many ways and has been striving to recognize and realize all of her gifts!

Here is some of the display that I created for the celebration and for the public.  I have come to realize that one is wealthy with the affirmations and compliments for my work.  I see, I create and I bring JOY to people's lives.  If/when they choose to take some home for their walls - well - that is good too!!  The show will be hanging for at least a month - and then I am beginning to think of another!! 
LIFE is so meant to be lived each and every day!  Hmmmmm I wonder what today will bring - another pink sky for daybreak - sunshine - love - yoga - and the spontaneous joy that comes from life's surprises - remember I call them synchronicities - be awake, be aware and pay attention!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photoschmoozer steps out!!!

Just a few days ago, the birthday celebrations began!  Why not celebrate LIFE and all of the years that I have lived with total love and appreciation for all of my gifts.  This day was lunch with my dear friend Allison - during the conversation, she reminded me of what I had done for us for DARE to AFFIRM - first of all, created the concept - then began the dance - and even did the shoes!!  Yep, I painted these and took the picture with my incredible striped toe socks?!?  Why remember this and why now?  Well Photoschmoozer is stepping out!!  I have hung a Photography exhibit at the McCowan Library in Pitman and have invited everyone to celebrate with me - an opening night catered affair!  Yeah for me!!  Yeah for Life!!  yeah for Friends and Family!  Just Yeah!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Patience and a Bit of Perfection!!

I like to think that Photoschmoozer is all about people and their stories.  Though I still favor those and know that they add ZEST to my life, lately, I have been focusing on the gifts from nature.  Today is no different.  Bill and I went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA for their annual chrysanthemum show.  The whole conservatory is filled with mums of all colors, sizes and shapes.  The one that is awesome is the one giant plant with a zillion blossoms.  This year it is 1101 or something close to that.  Last year, it was just under 1000.  No matter huh because how much time and patience it takes (17 months) to take one plant and grow and groom and prune and plan for this magnificent display to occur.  The volunteer - my people story for the day - saw our interest and came right over with his stories about how the tree was grown and then transported to the conservatory.  It takes many people a long time to do this!  We also learned that the grounds we walk through at Longwood is less than half of the acreage that they own and use for growing/production!!  So - it takes time, patience and skill - just as our living life does!!!  Please remember this lesson and be patient with yourself and those around you.  It's my life challenge!!

Then there is outside with the lush colors of Mother Nature still in evidence to gift us!  Today what fascinated me was the sizes and shapes of the trees.  Talk about time and patience - the trees are huge, some gnarled, some with trunks so large we couldn't wrap our arms around them together - but all as a gift for us to remind us of the awesomeness of life!!  Now, as the dusk came, the little twinkly lights in all of the trees came alive in all of their colors to be yet another candy feast for the eyes.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Beginnings in Life's Adventures

The labyrinth is a walking meditation.  Aside from Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco, my introduction to this world, one of my favorites is the one at the Episcopal Church in Lewes, DE.  At the beginning of a 'friend' time at the DE beach, and the beginning of my birthday celebrations (never one day!!), this was my choice.  My question going in was about relationships - how to let them be and let them grow.  The leaves on the labyrinth were some answers for this day.  Some of the path is covered/obscured by the crunchy leaves - and at other spaces, the way was totally clear.  Parallel that to life and it's a simple answer in patience.  Let the wind blow and let the decisions come as they will.

Still on the quest, and peaceful to listen and learn, spirit woke me at 5:45 the next morning.  I knew I needed to go out to the balcony to watch the sunrise. (The night before, we sat there and watched the full moon on the ocean!!)  The sky had bands of color but where was the sun?!?  Lesson learned - before the sun comes up, the day breaks (just like the sky colors after the sun goes down below the horizon!)  The colors in the sky were awesome - the birds began to wake up and a few fisherman came to the beach.  Then the sky gradually became totally pale - and then...sunrise!!  What a total gift!!

About half an hour after my daybreak experience, I saw the red ball on the horizon and sat, listening to The Journey and meditating as I watched the sun gradually come up higher in the sky.  My birthday is a gift and I celebrate in anticipation every year.  I look for the special gifts I am offered - and totally live in gratitude for them!!  This time, I have gratitude not only for The Universe and the gifts we are given, but also for the friends in my life.  My friend Annee and I spent such beautiful time enjoying one another's company and all of the beauty around us - as well as sharing some great meals and terrific conversation!!  Thanks!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebrating Another Year of Life!!

This morning I awoke thinking about Photoschmoozer, life and photography.  I wondered how long it had been since I first met Bob Reid and joined his photography class at Gloucester County college.  I was amused when I thought it was about 3 years and then thought about this photo - I did this for a self-portrait when I took the class - and that was when I was celebrating turning 60!!  Now, for my 65th I had a drum circle celebration at Bus Stop Music Cafe and now for my 66th - welcome in Social Security - I am going to have a Photography exhibit at the Pitman library.  I am planning a "Meet the Artist" Celebration and what a perfect time for it - 11/21~~  Another fantastic birthday celebration!!  Happy Days Martie!!  You Go Girl!!!   Hmmmm wonder what I would do for a self-portrait today - 6 years later?  Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunsets Light Up the Sky -

Yesterday was one of those days when it was time to distance myself from the world - to be still - walk - watch - and reflect.  For weeks I have been wanting to go to East Point Light House on the Delaware Bay and that I did.  I have been rather emotional and sitting in the sand by the water is totally soothing!  The sun's shining helped a bunch too.  At sunset, I talked to a woman who was there with her phone taking pictures - asked where she was from and she said Pitman!!  As we talked more, she remembered I took pictures of the awesome clematis she had growing in her yard!!  We talked...and talked...and were still for the 'light show'.  Then as I was about to leave and had started the car, I took one more look - the low headlights from my car just provided a magnificent lighting for the final picture of the day.  It's like the saying that tells you to take pictures and then turn around because the best one might just be there!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

This is MY HORSE!!

This is a funny story - no, not the horse and the setting but something that happened last night!  There was a Coach bag bingo fundraiser in Pitman and I set up my photography for sale.  What a crowd and how fascinating to see the groups coming in with their trays of sandwiches and snacks - they gather a group of friends and come and play bingo!  Is this related - well maybe not but at one point a woman was looking at my cards and said, "This is my horse!"  She recognized the setting and the horse.  They no longer board the horses there, but this was definitely the spot!  It's been a few years since I took the picture while out driving in the country!  Now she asked if I would come and take pictures of the other three horses too.  She bought the three cards I had and said "Isn't it funny that the owner has to buy pictures of her own horse!"  One of the best stories of the evening!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awesome Blossoms!!

Last weekend I decided to go to the Whole Life Expo in King of Prussia.  Snow was predicted but I just knew there would be synchronicities and healing experiences at the event - so off I went!!  The event was huge - well over a hundred vendors of all sorts.  Since I am traveling on "The Journey" and meditating with that CD, I wondered who might appreciate knowing about it. Well I found several other individuals who were also selling Journey CDs and magazines.  Opportunities for affiliation - possible - and always opportunities to offer the new Journey series of my photography. (Stay tuned for more info).  I was sitting so I could get a healing for my feet with a powerful energy device, and right in the next booth was Dr. Sha's work.  I discovered his Power Healing book months ago and now had the opportunity to have Master Allen sing me the Love, Peace and Harmony channeled work.  I bought the CD and have been playing it quietly for about a week now.  Yesterday, I could see how my Christmas cactus have responded - no others in the house are doing the same thing.  Awesome!  To me, the flowers and I are feeling powerful effects!!

Love, Peace and Harmony

Last Saturday, I went to an Expo in Ft. Washington, PA filled with health, healing and some truly amazing people who have their messages to share with the world.  I was gifted with several healings - one a computer/sounds for getting in touch with the Divine.  Another, a device where I rested my feet and energy was sent through it with special pulses. (sorry for the lack of technicality on these - just the way it is!!).  Then as I was walking about, I saw a woman standing and looking about.  She came up to me and asked if I knew Doreen Virtue.  I said, "Sure, isn't she speaking soon?"  She said yes and showed me a ticket.  My comment, "I can't afford the $50 right now."  She said that she was giving me the ticket!!  OMG - My Mom always taught me to say thank you - and that I did.  Two hours later, I left the auditorium with a clear message, LET GO AND LET GOD!!  I am always writing here about synchronicities - awake and aware and they keep happening.  Another story later about the title of this blog -

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I Am Home"!! The Journey Continues

Morning at the seashore - what more could a girl ask for? Well - sunshine at sunrise would be a blessing.  On this particular day, I woke up very early - staying with Lindsay in Avalon - to go out to the beach and watch the sunrise.  I drove down to the dunes and found what I thought was a 'comfy' spot.  Until I sat down, I didn't realize that all of those grasses blowing in the wind were full of stickers.  No matter - took care of that and just sat - waiting.  There was a bit of brillian red on the horizon and a tad of pink in the sky and then lots of clouds.  It was peaceful and I sat listening to The Journey CD  ( ).  The last track is about coming home.  When Cyndi said the words "I am home" - you guessed it - the clouds parted and the sun came out bright and warm.  When the piece was over, the clouds came back.  What a strong message about where home is for me.  The sand is in my shoes, the ocean breezes blow across my face and I feel totally blessed - and loved!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Got My Wish - A Buddy in Town!!

Bill and I have lived together in Pitman for close to 40 years.  For lots of them, I have lamented that I had no friends to hang out with, do things spontaneously or just sit and have a cup of tea.  Well - that has changed - and changed - and changed.  A long time ago I met a woman at the Mullica Hill Friends School - we talked some but our children were different ages, so we just talked when we saw one another.  Then a few years ago, I started seeing her in K-Mart and the grocery store.  One day I went to Restore - the Habitat for Humanity store and there she was.  We traded stories and memories and phone numbers too and now I have the buddy I have searched for - and she has been here for a long time - just like me - well maybe not as many years as I have but awhile.  We do crafts, go to yoga class, laugh and talk and share feelings and it is wonderful .  Now that I am open to it all - gosh - so many more of these friends are around town and in my life - just had to open up and be more free and fun to receive - notice - pay attention - you get the idea!!  Isn't life just fun?!?!?  Every day in every way.

One Beautiful Dahlia - one new Friend!

Stay tuned - No - your eyes are not playing tricks on you - these are zinnias from the same garden - the dahlia picture is still in my camera and not close by.  I can still tell you the story about the flower garden.  A few days ago, I had to go to a local bank to get some money for some things I had bought for our Farm Market.  Right where I parked was an incredibly full garden - amazing colors and flowers crowded beautifully into a person's front yard!!  Yes, I took some beautiful pictures.  Today Bill and I were out for a bit of an adventure and I just had to take him by the garden.  A woman came out the back door and was watching us watch her house.  She came forward when I called out how much I appreciated her beautiful garden.  Her name is Ruby - from Hawaii - a native of the Phillipines - a retired architecht and a member of the Pitman Garden Club.  We talked about gardening, the Farm Market and the garden club.  She loves what she is doing - has even landscaped the auto service place next door.  What a wonder she is to her neighborhood and our town!  Thanks Ruby!!  I asked her to come by the Farm Market on Saturday and I would have one of my cards with her dahlia.  Later you will see how spectacular it is!!