BE STILL...and SEE Photography

Reflecting on who I am...what is important to me...and the gifts I offer the world, I have reorganized this PhotoSchmoozer blog into separate pages for your viewing. I am about so much...people - relationships - drums and rhythms and especially photography...and I realize that although separate, they are all so INTEGRATED into the Whole of who I am!! It's a very peaceful thought and I am thankful for the intuitive gift to see the connections and the relationships. Enjoy the journey through the blog...and WELCOME.
Contemplative photography is about being totally present and seeing exactly what is before you, without filters or judgment. It is about seeing with your heart.Doesn't everyone see what is before them? Not really. You may see a candle on a table. Do you also see the shadows it creates? Or the reflections that the light casts on it? Or it's underlying shape and form?

DRUMS, Rhythms and Relationships

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Intentions...and Reality

My intention is to share the Dance of Relationships pin story with you - the Reality is that I seem to be out of space on the blog and truthfully don't want to pay for more space - so ...stay tuned!!

Here is what this is about!  Last weekend we went to the Bead Expo in Wilmington.  Lately I have been wearing my Dance of Relationships pin a lot - makes me feel good and gets Photoschmoozer to meet lots of new people!!  That day was no exception.  I was wandering and gazing when all of a sudden this guy says "I love that pin.  I would really like to give one like that to my wife for a Christmas present!'  As I love to do, I reached up and unpinned it and said "Want to trade?"  YES!!  Michael  Harrington - who creates awesome paper beads - jewelry and PENS - traded with me - I own two really cool pairs of earrings and he will be able to gift his wife for the Holidays.  WIN WIN WIN.  Synchronicities abound and someday when I figure this out, you will see the photo of the pin and the earrings...someday!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Inside the Red Pepper...awesome

It was my turn to make the salad - not a usual occurrence - but it just happened this way.  As I cut the red pepper for the salad, I had to stop, sit and really take some closer look.  I was still and noticed the lines and patterns in the red color of the fruit (??) and then the way the seeds clumped together.  This all reminded me of a batik class I took at Glassboro State College about 38 summers ago.  I was there to learn batik - the teacher had intentions of getting us there but in her way and at her pace.  We had to bring something to draw and study.  At that point I chose a green pepper.  First we sketched the outside - shadows and colors and then gradually cut it apart to see what was inside.  Why this when I wanted to learn about batik. Kamiko was the beginning of my realization that everything has pattern and color - design and style.  Eventually we got to the wax and dyes but I have never looked at a pepper in the same nonchalant way ever again after all of these years!!  Guess I have to reconsider the gratitude I have for the lessons learned!!

Under the Umbrellas: Colors and Patterns Galore!!

At the Children's Garden in Camden, there is a little ampitheater and lots of umbrellas.  One day in the glorious sunshine, I sat under the umbrella and gazed at the colors and the patterns as the wind gently blew the fabric of the umbrella.  Sometimes it is the colors...sometimes the patterns...but under the umbrella is a wonderful place to be!!  Going out and about is a wonder and always a discovery.
Recently I was at the Purple Pig restaurant in downtown Chicago with some special members of my familySome of them have been with me for a long time...some more recently, but all I wish is love and compassion for each of them and hearts that embrace once another in kind and gentle, caring ways.  Today we had lunch at this restaurant - the food was pretty terrific but for me, the lights and the umbrellas inside were totally cool!  It created an atmosphere of lightness and indication of how our time together was to be...gratitude for it all.
 In Woodstown, NJ, there used to be the funkiest coffee shop - Beans - and outside they had tables and chairs for enjoying their special coffees and watching the traffic go by at the intersection of Rt. 40.  Looking up I saw the whole rainbow and my heart danced with joy with the amazing colors - it reminded me of a giant parachute and made me think of jumping out of a plane with one of these to have me floating through the sky - would I do this...NOT!!! but words are cheap!!
Once more at the Children's Garden sitting under the umbrellas as the breeze softly blew the leaves, trees and flowers. There were some butterflies floating on the warm breezes too...lots of plants there to attract them...and give me pleasure watching them.  It was a time of silence...stillness...and peace.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Got Another Wish!!

Before I left home, a trip to AAA was in order to get books and maps of Iowa and Nebraska.  On the cover of the book was an amazing picture of the most colorful rainbow like structure.  I said I hoped I could discover what this was and get to see it.  I searched the book and could find no description of the picture of what was on the cover.  When I was talking with Beth, I described what I wanted to see and asked if she had any idea of what it was?!?  Of course - why did I have any doubt that Beth would come through - she is such a wealth of information as well as a treasured friend.  She said it was the Botanical garden in DesMoines and we would be going there since she had a meeting to attend there!!  Ask and you shall receive - once again.  It was small as botanical gardens go, but just right for an hour or two of meandering among the plants inside and out.  I got to see the sculpture from every angle and yet another wish came true!!  Life is good!!!

WOO HOO!! Molly's Cupcakes & Synchronicities in Iowa City Iowa

My mind is still absorbing some of the experiences I had after Amtrak cancelled my train home because of the snowstorm in West Virginia.  So explore Iowa City and see what it has to offer since well I might not be back again!  But we can never say never now can we?  So first an amazing black bean burger for lunch and then a walk to find an ATM for $$.  Can't take a bus home without some cash to guide the experience as necessary.  So I am strolling down the street on a perfectly sunny and amazing day - watching students on U of Iowa's campus out rallying for Romney.  I wanted to go over and ask them what they thought he would/could do for them but gaining wisdom as I age, I thought it wouldn't be the best idea.  So I walked down the street and discovered Molly's Cupcakes...all of the senses drew me in.  I had to sit and gaze for awhile before I could make a decision but I was drawn in by the sign for CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY so I knew I had to go for it.  Chocolate ganache, raspberry filling and chocolate cupcake.  Need I say more?!?  Just look at the cupcakes in the case and see the ones on the top shelf with the red raspberry on top!!  A picture is worth a thousand words BUT taste sensations are most awesome!!   See again it proves that synchronicities abound because had I been on the road to Chicago, I would have totally missed this part of the adventure!! 
 As I said, WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Discover: Reflect, Regroup and Restore

Driving West to Lincoln from Des Moines, I stopped at Nebraska Crossing Visitor Center, picking up brochures for experiences ahead of me.  Holy Family Shrine caught my eye.  As I looked at the map, it seemed close by.  Then I was driving down the road and the exit was behind me - miles behind me.  I looked at the Shrine from afar and knew that one day, I would have the opportunity to site within and reflect...another time.  Little did I know that Sandy would offer me a gift...the airlines cancelled and I was driving back to Chicago to catch the train.  Guess what?!?!  I was going right past the shrine with the opportunity to get there.  Off at the exit, see the signs and drive down the road...then drive down an unpaved road.  It was worth it.Their brochure says that their mission is
     " a Catholic chapel on the Highway, a gateway to heaven for pilgrims and       travelers ...and awaken God's will on their journey"
    Walk into the main entry building and the outside into a path/garden to the Shrine.  They used more than 850 boards in the construction of the trusses and water cutting through the floor and culminating in a pool beneath the altar.
    Remember I talk about being still - it is...and I did just that.  I asked for guidance and protection as I began my journey home.  Little did I know what was going to happen - I had guidance...just not the adventure I had planned.  I learned it was NOT up to me to make the decision about the path.  Now, my gratitude is for safe arrival at home...and thanks for being able to sit and reflect in the Shrine. Gifts are everywhere IF we just take the time to appreciate them.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kansas...New Jersey...NO PLACE LIKE HOME Dorothy!!

Well I had to travel hundreds of miles by plane, car and BUS - visit wonderful friends, explore the MidWest and have lots of adventures to come to the realization that THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!  I went off on this journey to see where we might like to move ...and after weeks of adventure and exploration, once we got east of Pittsburgh and I saw the trees and the green grass - ok and a little snow - I realized that I am an East coast girl - think about it - where we live - 30 minutes to Philadelphia and Delaware and within a few hours of New York, MD and DC.  If we want quiet, well, there is always Pitman and our back yard.  If we want more adventure, there is always travel.  The world is wide open.  When I saw this little girl dressed as Dorothy at a Halloween party in Lincoln, NE, I realized Dorothy's message...
Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home – home! And this is my room – and you're all here – and I'm not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all! And... oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home! careful what you ask for!!

 Be careful what you ask for!!  When I left Pitman/Philadelphia airport on Saturday morning, October 20, I knew I was off on an adventure BUT what I didn't really learn was that WHAT YOU ASK FOR IS NOT ALWAYS EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET.  This picture is not clear, but it is a casino in Detroit, MI at 6 am last Friday.  See...I was to fly home - flight got cancelled - then I was to travel Amtrak...flight got Trailways and Greyhound were another option besides driving from Iowa on my own for days and days!!  We were to arrive in Chicago to get a bus to Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia - arrived an hour late and found us rerouted through Detroit, Youngstown, Cleveland, and then Pittsburgh and Philadelphia - arriving only about 5 hours after scheduled.  GRATITUDE:  I had a house to come home to...

In Iowa City at the Trailways station, I met Salif and his girlfriend, Miriam.  They were my travel companions throughout the bus adventures and it was nice to have someone watching out for me!!  They still had a journey home to Bronx after Philadelphia.  Wishing them luck and thanks!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's all about the GIFT OF THE PRECIOUS PRESENT!  I put up this picture of a present wrapped so beautifully - NOT with 'stuff' and material things, but with love, caring and compassion.  I have learned the gift of TODAY in so many ways and just continue to open to GRATITUDE and recognizing what we have -
Two weeks ago, my dear friend was buried - she was not ready to leave the Earth plane - or so we thought...Yesterday our friend's son was buried - same funeral parlor - synchronicities abound!  Was he ready to die at such a young age? We don't know for sure...
Last week, I came home from an adventure on the BUS - not at all my intention, but an adventure never the less and I did arrive home safely - even if it was days after I was to be here - BUT I AM HERE!!
Last night we had an election for President ...some folks are into anger and rage and hurtful comments and my prayer is that they realize that TODAY is our gift and a time to begin healing for the good of everyone!!
So many lessons learned from all of it - TODAY is the best gift we are given - the PRECIOUS PRESENT - life is too short and tenuous to be filled with grief, anger or mistrust - it is to be filled with love and compassion - acceptance and understanding.  Because one feels 'different' and maybe threatened or insecure, it's no reason to be unkind to another fellow human being.  Just not kind and truly hurtful!!  When someone reaches out their hearts to you, open your arms and be welcoming!!  It doesn't cost a cent BUT lots of authenticity and caring!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


 The New Hope/Ivyland railroad takes the time to present FALL in all of her splendor at their station in New HopePA.  We saw an incredible variety of flowers, gourds and pumpkins/squash.  It was a day to celebrate - though isn't every day??  This was for being married to one another for 41 years...friends...understanding one life
Some of these could definitely have gone into a contest for the biggest pumpkin - or the ugliest squash - all different colors and mottled - showed me the vast variety of individuality of each of the plants - just like us - all of basically the same genre BUT then expressing ourselves in such unique ways - hair - clothes - outlook - values...and without all of us, life wouldn't be complete - even the ones who are totally different in so many ways - takes longer to learn patience and understanding, widsom really, but it can happen IF the intention is clear!!

Love the philosophy of MIKSANG - it is so in keeping with my BE STILL and observe/notice all of the simplicity and beauty around you.  I saw this singular leaf sitting on the train step - outstanding in its field huh??  I was taking the picture and the conductor was standing there with a puzzled look on his face?!?  He couldn't understand why I was taking a picture of this leaf and not the whole train!!?!?  Each of us has our preferences and each of us sees life with such different perspectives.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Listen to the Adventure

The adventure is a healing journey with Madeleine Doherty. Every time I sit and listen to her journey and the music that has been generated from it all, I feel just a bit more uplifted and clear of purpose.  Last night a group of friends came together for a house party, great food, lots of laughter and music from Madeleine and Tara - the harp that is accompanying her on her US concerts this time around.  I can only speak for myself, but watching the faces of those around me, I think we all felt so uplifted, engaged and capturing the spirit of the evening and the music.  Madeleine is so transparent in sharing...where she has fearful she was...and where she is now.  Her Living Notes CD takes me along every time - encouraging me to "fly away home" and 'just let go of the fears'.  By the time Rainbow Magic plays, I feel uplifted and ready to go out and dance in nature with the fairies!  It's special to hear about the Healing Harp program she coordinates in Ireland - and even more special that she has agreed to come to Cooper Hospital for a healing harp session.  Hope it all works - it will benefit so many people!!  Talking about synchronicities - I went to a harp concert three years or so ago at the Mullica Hill grange...and the connection began...just did...and will grow as the years continue to flow!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Spot of Teal... Supporting and Remembering

It's the third year now for A Spot of Teal - Laura created this quilt show when her sister had ovarian cancer - and her sister got up from her hospital bed to come to the first show.  She has passed now, but Laura continues the tribute and this was the third year for the show at the Williamstown Library.  It was small by quilt show standards but lovely.  There were more than 30 quilts in 5 categories.  Here are my friends Angela and Janice - they were both entrants - as they enjoyed the show and the variety of vendors!!

Friend Pat - an amazing quilter - entered Cindy's Flower Garden - all of these little bouquets were hand stitched with silk ribbon bought from a special vendor - Cindy - at a recent quilt show.  I actually have a close up of each flower piece - the details can imagine.
My tribute and my story is about special people who take the time to honor, love and support what they care about - whether it is people, places or things.  Quilters are some of the very kindest people I count as friends.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Outstanding in Her Field!!

However you want to look at it, "she is outstanding in her field".  She is definitely one of the masses but unique in her individuality - uncommon and not like all of the rest. She expresses who she is in the way that works best for her~!  See we talk about looking at EVERYTHING as a photo op and here is the proof of the pudding.  Our garden is still producing these amazing tomatoes - or was until the temps are down in the 40s for the past few nights.  The last batch of baby tomatoes to come in gave me pause.  Bill put them in a big bowl and this is how they looked.  It rather gave me pause to think about life - who I am - and who I want to be.  For so many years, it has always felt right to be a pleaser and be one of the bunch.  As I age and aquire wisdom, I come to understand that this is NOT the way life is - being one of the gang is not being who I am and being who I am is like being a comfortable shoe - well worn but maintaining my unique identity.
HOW ABOUT YOU??  Stop and consider the stories of what you see.  Capture the synchronicities - and make us reall stories or tall tales about it all.  Why not?!?!?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Transitions...Change...and Joy

This past weekend was a class reunion for Wildwood High School.  I went as an adventure to see who I might know and what life had to offer.  The time gave me pause ...and a conversatioin with Bill when I got home...I found lots of people reliving their high school days...and realized that I was living in the present rather than remembering what was.  Different perspectives...different memories...different people.  What I did get to see was this really cool representation of the town that I grew up in - and backed by an awesome display of clouds!!  Came home with memories - a few little beach balls - great for squeezing for hand exercises...and the queset for a search to move forward.
 One of my wishes for the weekend was to head to Cape May Point to see the monarchs on their migratory route - and see I did, though not in the batches of hundreds that have been sighted.  I felt blessed with those I got to watch - just standing in the warm sun and being still as they gathered on the goldenrod to feast before beginning their next step in the journey.  Quite representative for me and my place right now.  Now that the Uptown Pitman Farm Market has come to a close, it's time to regroup and find what engagement life has to offer next.  While I was feeling sad about the disconnect, my dear friend Lillian, wrote this to me this morning - and I pass it on to you
"Knowing that joy is present in life may require the absence of it once in awhile. Do you think that i possibly true?  Do you think that makes it something more appreciated?  Do you think that motivates one to keep seeking it and not settling for less?  What thoughts to ponder as I go forward on October 5 to see what synchronicities the day will bring!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Transitions and the Free Spirit

It's transition's coming close to the time of hanging out in the void to be still and see what doors life will open.  It's time to realize that it is time to clean and purge to be ready to move on!!  Last week I met friend, Annee, at Cape May for a 'sleepover' - she took the Ferry from Delaware and we explored - created adventures and memories...all special...Saturday night is always a flag ceremony at Sunset Beach at Cape May Point.  I, and a multitude of others, sat and watched the color show in the sky.  At one point, I was sitting on the rock pile taking pictures - concerned that this young girl was "in my way".  Then I got a clear message, "She is NOT in your way.  She is part of it all!"  WOW - and I just began to include her and what turned out was this spectacular photo.  I call it FREE SPIRIT and know that my body, mind and soul aspire to be more free and dance on the rocks in the sunset...or wander among the flowers in the garden - or prepare for the magnificence of Fall colors!!  I stopped...watched...and listened...and it filled me with a sense of joy and wonder.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Butterfly Blessings: Release and Healing!!

Every year, we are invited to a picnic: Under the Buttonwood Tree.  Jim Six and his wife, Karen, call together a group of friends, some who have been together on life's adventures for thirty to forty years.  They have written songs and played together - drifted apart - and come together again.   It's special for us and has begun to feel like a family reunion.  My crazy quilting friend, Pat and her husband Jim were there.  We first met more than ten years ago and just connected in a very special way.  We are the kind of friends who really care for one another though we are not together many times in a year.  So yesterday was  a gift of spending hours together talking and laughing and just being.   Pat is undergoing chemo and we are all holding her in the light (thanks Millie for the Quaker saying).  Karen gets chrysallis for monarch butterflies. As we got to the house, two of the butterflies had just hatched out and were beginning to dry off and flap to get ready to take off.  When it was time to let her go off to her life, Thomas brought the Monarch to Pat.  It was totally special to watch the looks on her face as she held the butterfly - it just wasn't ready to go.  Then Pat and Thomas took her over to the butterfly bush and she was up and away!!  I see this butterfly as a symbol that represents Pat's healing.  It's a is a blessing...and my friend is a true blessing!!

Jim watches attentively to every move that Pat makes to assure himself that she is ok.  What a blessing it is to watch his caring concern and her gentle spirit in awe of and appreciative of life - every day is special!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reflections of Joy and Curiosity!

Photoschmoozer - capturing life's moments - one story at a time - it is a total joy to go out into the world and meet people and listen to their stories - it is a joy to do the volunteer work that I am for the Pitman Farm Market - yet at some point, it is also time to STOP and think of self and reflect on life - what brings me happiness - what encourages me to self expression - what brings me peace?!?!?
Lately I have been putting my own self and spirit aside for the sake of getting things done to make the market happen - OK - it's fun and a great way to network, connect people and make things happen.  But then, give pause.  Yesterday something happened to do just that.  I got an email from buddy, Bob, sharing the Artists of Southern New Jersey.  WHAT is that?  WHO is that?  I called since I hadn't heard Bob's voice in awhile and we talked about the group and then Contemplative Photography and Miksang.  This conversation gave me pause - and a quiet joy - to remember my inner being and what makes me totally appreciate life and the beauty of the simplicity of the world - and by that I mean the world in my immediate life - the pen on the desk - listening to the birds sing - sitting here watching the day wake up - the flowers in my garden - and just my breath!  It's a spirit of renewal and one that has been eluding me...until now.  Reflections of self in the mirror with the camera - reflections of life in the stillness of my being!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where Butterflies Bloom!!

When I saw the sign - WHERE BUTTERFLIES BLOOM - I was hooked.   When I walked inside, I stayed!!  I said Hi and shared that I was pulled in by the name of the shop and then Ron had stories to share!!  By now, you know Photoschmoozer's love of stories - the moments in time that are captured and make life full!!  I learned about Ron and his wife, their butterfly gardens and this shop as a happening in his retirement!  He loves the town of North East, MD and has some really fascinating and whimsical items to share.  I did find the 'perfect' Mother's Day present - a jangly bracelet filled with color.  Are you surprised??  Haven't had a photo op with it...yet...but will share when that happens.  I finally had to leave Ron though we could have talked and listened for a long time...the shop just filled up with customers and he needed to give them his attention!!  Go visit this little town - just a hop, skip and jump off of I95 when you are headed someplace - or better yet, make it a destination. There's a state part, the Cheseapeake Bay and friendly people!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Buddy Larry Geiger & the Woodbury Market

Today was Opening Day for the Woodbury,NJ Farm Market and being the person who believes that EVERYBODY .HELPS EVERYBODY, I went to support my buddy, Larry Geiger, executive director of Main Street Woodbury.  The tents were put up on the parking lot next to the Train Station restaurant.  We found Larry and met some really great vendors - including Lenny DeFiore from Dayna's Daiquiris - hey we are sharing vendors and Lenny is one of them.  Woodbury's market is on Friday and we are Saturday, so it is a win win for everyone.  We brought home luscious Jersey fresh strawberries - needed plenty of washing to get the sand out so we knew they were Jersey fresh - and the asparagus is there for the cutting!  Met Jessica too who has her own bee hive and sells eggs from her own stock of chickens. 

As we were stopping at the last farm stand, Haynicz's Orchardview Farm, we couldn't have a conversation to buy produce because the TRAIN was chugging along the tracks next to the market.  Then, to our surprise, it stopped right next to the market!!  Made me wonder if the engineer wanted to get some Jersey fresh produce for the ride!!!  All in all, the weather was pretty perfect for the market, and there was a steady stream of shoppers.  It will only get better as the weeks go along.  Congrats to everyone who is working on it!!

Breakfast Companion - with us for days!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If the Shoe Doesn't Fit....!!

Meet Bev Richards, the inspirational speaker at the Shoe Fashion show that I/Photoschmoozer attended.  Listening to her words, I found lots of inspiration - some I will share now - some for a creation I am working on - all filled with possibilities.
    Bev shared a Shoe Personality quiz...Who are YOU??
Barefoot - carefree, happy and a little careless.  Instant solutions for a friend's problems.  You spread happiness wherever you go.
Flip Flops - energetic, gutsy and honest.  You are trustworthy and turn out to be a true friend.
Platform heels -  fashion conscious...independent...and you don't like to 'sling' on people
Flat shoes - take life very easy.  Honest and hardworking.  You like playing pranks.  You are more interested in comfort than fashion.
Sneakers - you are cool headed and relaxed.  Open minded and conscious about your health and body.  You like updating your knowledge...and know about latest trends.
High heels -you are very confident - and can solve multi-problems simultaneously.  You have certain goals in life...and have power and status.
Clogs - you work very slowly , but are not lazy.  You are hardworking and spiritual.  But your life and house are messy!!
   Thanks Bev for sharing these clever words.  I wonder if, when we change shoes, we change personality?  Hmmmmmmmmmm...

One family: Expressions of SELF!!

Friend Janice told me a few months ago that her church was having a SHOE fashion show.  Now you can tell from previous posts, that my ears perk up when I hear the word shoes and my eyes feast on the diversity of what has been created!!  So I asked if I could come and take pictures!!  To my total pleasure, this happened last week and it was such fun. Can you believe there were close to 60 women - yes all women- well, females if you could the few toddlers but still girls - sitting at round tables, feasting on shared desserts and then walking up a small staircase to a small platform to show off their shoes!!  Every person was nicer than the next and their expression of uniqueness made my heart feel really good.  On to something with the concept - or so I believe!!  As I watched everyone, I particularly noticed this one mom and her four girls - two singles and twins.  Proving my point about individual expression, I gathered them for a photo shoot.  Mom is on the left; the oldest sister on the right; the twins and younger sister in the center.  They were pleased as punch to pose for me - actually they took one themselves -oldest sister asked if I was a photographer?!?  I said "Sure" and she said she wanted to be one too!!  Cute.  Then she got them in a circle and took a picture from above - very clever!!  No it's time to take the inspirational words of the speaker, Bev Richards, and create a presentation - her words and my photos - perfect together!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open MIc Night and Mom's Blue Heels

We have a place in Pitman called the Bus Stop Music Cafe.  It's about become our community center - lots of music and good food.  A lot of the friends in our world have been made through connections that began on Open Mike night and went on...and on...and on!!  One such friend - no better could a person ask Wendy Betz.  The first time I met her, I Photoschmoozer was attracted to the blue high heels Wendy was wearing.  Right away she had a story to tell me about them - they were her mom's and now they are Wendy's and they fit perfectly!!  From open mic nights, Wendy continued on with collecting her guys in a band - amazing all of them - Ian writes, sings and plays the piano and keyboard; Jim totally gets lost in the sounds from his drums - a lively addition to the beat; Rob - a newer member of the band is an incredible guitar player and Steve - well, he played guitar and has now switched to bass - quite talented - last night extended the group's entertainment opportunities - and here they all are in their special moments!!  Watch for them at Uptown Pitman Farm Market and other venues on both sides of the river.  You won't be disappointed - and our friendships continue to grow.  Through the Bus Stop...and Wendy - we now have 22 weeks of music bookings at the Farm market too!!  It's all so awesome - and for me/Photoschmoozer it began with the blue shoes!  Someone asked if I had a shoe fetish and I said NO, I am just fascinated by how people express their individuality by what they choose to wear on their feet!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Harmonica Pete and BLUE! Perfect Together!

So many of life's synchronicities lead us down a road we might never have expected!  When our son Jon was 10 and some months, we took a trip to Galax, Virginia in a truck camper.  We set out to explore and one of our destinations was the Galax Fiddler's Convention.  Bill wanted to buy a banjo and off we went!!  We explored along the way and in Galax, Bill bought a $50 banjo from Roger Sprung.  So what does this have to do with a picture of a guy and a blue Toyota Rav4?  Lots - remember I am talking about synchronicities.  Shortly after we bought the banjo, Jon had a skateboard accident and bruised himself pretty badly.  It was tough for him to walk for a bit so he stayed in the camper and picked up the banjo.  That's actually an understatement because he (though I am his Mom) is an incredible banjo player - even David Bromberg said so when we went to a jam at World Cafe Live Wilmington.  Jon got better and better and he and his friend Greg played a lot.  They met Jim Six, 'just like the number' and played with him.  One of Jim's friends is Harmonica Pete Cogan - also a Toyota salesman at Price in New Castle.  2 1/2 years ago we leased a car from Pete and last week, he called to say that we could end our lease early and get a 2012 model!  No long story here anymore because you can see from the picture that the new Toyota sits proudly in our backyard. Now you can see the connections!!  One banjo bought more than 25 years ago has led us to a new 2012 Toyota RAV 4 - and as an aside, to music at the Bellefonte Cafe in Wilmington where Pete plays on Sundays with Betty and the Bullet!!  I could go on with the connections, but maybe another time!!  Just get out there and LIVE!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Goldie, Madeleine and Friends - Healing Happens!!

Healing just does!!  We can facilitate, look for the synchronicities and invite others to participate, but in the final event, it is those who are meant to be there who come!  Last night was no exception.  Madeleine Doherty has become more than a person playing the harp at a concert - that was three years ago.  Now, she is just a gentle spirit, a compassionate and giving person, and an inspiration and friend to many.  Last weekend was 'full of Madeleine' yet I knew it was not over - I wanted to visit more and invite her energy, along with Goldie the harp to our home.  That I did.  Someone asked how I pulled it off?  Didn't- just did and guess that is how I do things.  I want something to happen, put it out to the Universe and it manifests!!  I invited many people - so many were full of obligations, but seven needed to be together and we were!
Meet the group:  Sonja, Megan, Jane, June, Conni~Joi, Toni, Martie and Madeleine - there is light in this picture - yes from the lamps but also from the inner glow that was showing so naturally from everyone!  After everyone left, I turned off the lights and sat in meditation for about 20 minutes with the energy from the evening that has remained in the house.  So we have started something new - House Parties with Madeleine!!

Please visit and know more about Madeleine

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Murals in the Frankford neighborhood...WOW!!

 La la la la la - fa la la!!  Today I was on my own and what makes Photoschmoozer happier than to be able to wander neighborhoods and see what I can see!  I had finished acupuncture, it was still lilght and off I went!!  
This was in the neighborhood of 2033 Frankford - Say AHHHH for Acupuncture - individual but group session with Caroline and our hostess Jessica.  Totally right for my healing and stage of life.  This mural expressed the music I was feeling in my heart - the fairies had been dancing and playing with me and the music was all around!!!  Tra la la - sunshine - fairies and the light of day to play on the walls and with the trees!!  All alone to discover the synchronicities of what was always about me!!
Tried my bestest to get in the whole shebang but couldn't quite get the plate and fork on the left - but the rest of the dinner was waiting.  I just stood for a long time feeling whimsical and wondering first of all how someone comes up with the idea and then how long it takes them to implement it.  As my friend Richie would say , "Awesome dude!"
Now this one is a total contradiction to the bright and colorful and whimsical but totally suiting my peaceful mood after I left 2033 - Say Aaaahhhhh -
a calla lily - another lily - a bird - maybe a cockateil - maybe something else but defintiely a big white bird and put together so well.  The fascinating part is how Mother Nature plays her part and adds in the trees and sky and stuff of real life to augment the work.  Maybe society could have left out the light post but hey it's modern times right!!
If I were kind and generous, I would call this one a mural as well, but truthfully it and several other walls were simply some of the most amazing graffitti I have ever seen.  It's all over the city and as I drove my GPS totally crazy by getting 'her' to recalculate almost constantly, I found all of these little streets that she never would have gotten me to!!  So, thanks Samantha - you are there in a pinch when I feel totally lost -but otherwise, you are going to have to work overtime to do your job and keep
striving to figure out where I am because more often than not, I know!!
 I wonder if this work is even on the list of the more than 3000 murals in the City of Philadelphia - I have to search for a comprehensive list and begin to check them off!!