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Reflecting on who I am...what is important to me...and the gifts I offer the world, I have reorganized this PhotoSchmoozer blog into separate pages for your viewing. I am about so much...people - relationships - drums and rhythms and especially photography...and I realize that although separate, they are all so INTEGRATED into the Whole of who I am!! It's a very peaceful thought and I am thankful for the intuitive gift to see the connections and the relationships. Enjoy the journey through the blog...and WELCOME.
Contemplative photography is about being totally present and seeing exactly what is before you, without filters or judgment. It is about seeing with your heart.Doesn't everyone see what is before them? Not really. You may see a candle on a table. Do you also see the shadows it creates? Or the reflections that the light casts on it? Or it's underlying shape and form?

DRUMS, Rhythms and Relationships

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I Am Home"!! The Journey Continues

Morning at the seashore - what more could a girl ask for? Well - sunshine at sunrise would be a blessing.  On this particular day, I woke up very early - staying with Lindsay in Avalon - to go out to the beach and watch the sunrise.  I drove down to the dunes and found what I thought was a 'comfy' spot.  Until I sat down, I didn't realize that all of those grasses blowing in the wind were full of stickers.  No matter - took care of that and just sat - waiting.  There was a bit of brillian red on the horizon and a tad of pink in the sky and then lots of clouds.  It was peaceful and I sat listening to The Journey CD  ( ).  The last track is about coming home.  When Cyndi said the words "I am home" - you guessed it - the clouds parted and the sun came out bright and warm.  When the piece was over, the clouds came back.  What a strong message about where home is for me.  The sand is in my shoes, the ocean breezes blow across my face and I feel totally blessed - and loved!!

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