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Reflecting on who I am...what is important to me...and the gifts I offer the world, I have reorganized this PhotoSchmoozer blog into separate pages for your viewing. I am about so much...people - relationships - drums and rhythms and especially photography...and I realize that although separate, they are all so INTEGRATED into the Whole of who I am!! It's a very peaceful thought and I am thankful for the intuitive gift to see the connections and the relationships. Enjoy the journey through the blog...and WELCOME.
Contemplative photography is about being totally present and seeing exactly what is before you, without filters or judgment. It is about seeing with your heart.Doesn't everyone see what is before them? Not really. You may see a candle on a table. Do you also see the shadows it creates? Or the reflections that the light casts on it? Or it's underlying shape and form?

DRUMS, Rhythms and Relationships

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friend MaryAnne and I went to the University of Pennsylvania Museum for the Lunar Celebration.  NO, the ribbons and beaters were not there but the quote at the top of this post was there - and the fascinating thing was that the exhibit kept changing the words so that they were presented in four languages.  I thought back to the simple pleasures that bring me joy - that's what I talk about a lot here...and to the other afternoon as I was making the beaters to go with the Baby Drums!  I found such joy and pleasure in the pieces of ribbon I was trimming off but especially in the way the sunlight was coming in the back window and lighting up the table!!  I sat and watched and had to go and get the camera - sunlight can often make everything wonderous and I share.  Then I sat and looked at the myraid of colors for the beaters and decided that there was a photo op for them with the ribbon pieces - so here you are.  The only step left is to cover the drums with the matching fabric and then take them out in a few weeks and use them with families in southern Delaware.  I know that the day will be exciting - last year they had about 85 families attend - this year they tell me they are expecting 400!!  What's a girl to do??  We will figure it out and I know that as long as we relax into it and take along our humor, it will be special!!

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